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Our Spanish and surf combination program will only remain available until March 17th and then for one week between July 2-8.  Beyond those dates, you may only combine Spanish with yoga or poi, and the same with surfing which will only be available in combination with yoga or poi.



La Escuela Del Sol is an adventure for adults who want to learn Spanish, fire dancing, surfing, obtain scuba certification or practice yoga in a tropical paradise. At our school, in Cabuya, Costa Rica, you can take a combination of almost any of our courses from 1 to 12 weeks. We even offer College Credit for our Spanish curriculum!

As for our location (click for Directions and Transportation Info)…we're a short walk from the beach, the mysterious Isla Cabuya, some great snorkeling spots and the beautiful Cabo Blanco National Park.

Cabuya is far enough off the beaten path that you can be immersed in nature and tranquility, yet only 5 miles from popular tourist destinations Montezuma and Santa Teresa where countless exhilirating tours and wild nights are at your fingertips.  There are buses to Montezuma throughout the day plus our free shuttle service outside of the regular bus schedule upon request, Monday-Saturday.

Our new campus sits on 5 acres of ocean view property, adjacent to a very curious river and a small private waterfall.  We're just one mile from an isolated beach as well as Costa Rica's 1st national park, Cabo Blanco which we are connected to by a biological corridor.  Being surrounded by nature and park land, you'll often walk out of your room to see monkeys and exotic birds all around you, and more amazing, our guests will often spot anteaters, tepizcuintles and kinkajous rummaging through.


The following articles and press releases have been used for public relations purposes in the past. Some of the material is no longer up to date. For more useful information about our program, please use the menus on the left and top of this page.

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