La Escuela Del Sol offers vacation packages that include your choice of surfing, yoga, Spanish, fire dancing and scuba certification. See our Surf Retreat page to learn more about our surfing vacation packages, our Yoga Retreat page to learn more about our yoga vacation packages or check out our homepage to find out more about our school.

The thrill, excitement and the adrenaline rush. Your surfboard is cruising at a break-neck speed on a continuous stream of rushing waves. You twist; turn, just before a big one throws you into the air. You hit the water with a mighty thud, regain balance, and ride on as more waves head your way. Later you feel exhausted, not bored, but exhausted of all the wild surfing. It is just after sunset and the air is warm. You and your friends gather in the pavilion with yoga mats. Minutes later, everyone is following the relaxing routine being relayed by the yoga instructor. There is no hooting of cars, no loud music. In fact, no sound, except the chattering of birds, monkeys and the gentle whisper of the wind.

No, it is not a dream. All this could come true. You could easily ride the waves and feel the calm with Costa Rica surf yoga programs. Open to anyone with interest, these exhilarating programs combine surfing and yoga to give you the best of both extremes. Surfing on the waters of Costa Rica is a privilege any surfer would die for. The consistent waves, diverse topography, coastal winds, and perpetual heat combines to make a perfect surfing paradise. For beginners the thought of continuous waves might sound scary. Thankfully, surf instructors are at hand to provide all the basic skills. Beginning on land, they take you through all the balancing and riding lessons. Finally, you are released to the ocean for your first-time feel of what surfing is all about. Intermediates are thrown directly to newfound waves on empty beaches. This gives them all the room in the world to practice their crazy moves.

The yoga classes take place amidst Montezuma's waterfalls, wide beaches and in the privacy of secluded rainforests. Newcomers blend in gently with the on-going classes as the instructor gives her next move. No one is left behind in the rhythmic body movement that Costa Rica surf yoga programs provide. Perhaps the most soothing yoga practices are those that take place in the open, covered pavilions. Although technically Hatha Vinyasa classes, techniques are also Anusara inspired. For your listening advantage, the surfing and yoga classes are conducted in English. So go on. Give your mind, body and spirit what they have been yearning for, join the Costa Rica surf yoga programs.