Sure you can study and practice yoga in a private studio with a small mat and pre-recorded music or you can do something really out of the ordinary and put yourself in an environment teaming with exotic birds, waterfalls, gentle breezes and an endless horizon: you can study and practice yoga in Costa Rica!

Close your eyes and you're already there: the echo of the ocean in your ears, the only other sound being the rhythmic beat of your heart. Costa Rica Yoga is not only unique but is guaranteed to provide the maximum opportunity for you to find yourself, find your center and find your inner energy.

Fortunately, there are organized programs for you to practice Costa Rica yoga. There are many yoga centers in Costa Rica, but only La Escuela Del Sol offers visitors not only yoga but also surfing, fire dancing (poi), Spanish language lessons and much, much more. In fact, La Escuela Del Sol provides everything you need for an adventure that will improve your mind and body!

Located in the beautiful and tranquil Montezuma, La Escuela Del Sol is founded on the principle of self enhancement of the body, mind and soul. Costa rica yoga will create a one of a kind educational vacation unlike anything you will ever experience.

Each day, Monday - Friday (morning, evening or both) you'll join your fellow students and La Escuela Del Sol staff for 90 minutes of Hatha Vinyasa-style Yoga. Hatha Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles of Costa Rica yoga and also one of the most intimate: each movement is tied to your breathing, as essentially each breath you take dictates the movement and the length of time held in each posture. Experts say the purpose of Vinyasa is to create heat in the body, which leads to purification of the skin through increased circulation and sweating. Hatha Vinyasa also improves flexibility, as well as tendon and tissue strength.

It might all sound overly technical, but what you'll notice most is an increased sense of well-being. With the ocean as your backdrop there will be no need for relaxing music. You'll be tuning in the sounds of Mother Nature and loving every second of it.

Whether you decide to stay for one, two, three or even four weeks at La Escuela Del Sol, you'll find that your study of Costa Rica yoga will be over all too soon. But that's o-k. You'll leave a little piece of yourself behind in the form of great memories. And you'll take with you something far more precious: a sense of newness that you'll feel both mentally and spiritually.

Costa Rica yoga: Do it for yourself. Because you deserve a little trip to paradise.