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Here at La Escuela Del Sol, we are evolving along with the world as new information presents itself. Currently these are the requirements to travel to Costa Rica:
You must:
  • come from a country sanctioned for travel. Costa Rica currently permits 46 countries including the European Union, UK and Canada as well as around 20 states from the US (the entire US will be permitted beginning Nov 1, 2020).
  • get a negative PCR-RT for COVID 19 test within 72 hours of departure. Results must be given in or translated to Spanish or English.
  • fill out a health pass here.
  • buy travel insurance that covers medical expenses of, at minimum, $20,000 and housing costs of at least $4,000. This insurance must cover medical expenses associated with COVID-19 and can be purchased by any international insurance provider. Further details can be found in this article.
What happens if we can't fly to Costa Rica because of Covid 19?
For all applications received after August 1st, 2020, should there be a government issued travel restriction barring you from arriving in time, your reservation fee will be refunded or transferred to another time period.
What measures are being taken at Wild Sun to protect my health in light of COVID-19?
We ask your cooperation in making sure we all stay safe. All volunteers are required to bring at least 2 masks with them. If you are arriving directly from abroad and present a negative C19 test, you will not be required to wear a mask on campus except when working with animals in our ICU. If coming from another area within Costa Rica, you will be required to bring a mask which will be worn for your first two weeks while indoors or within 6 feet of other volunteers. After 2 weeks, if you show no symptoms, the mask requirement will be eased on campus but remain in effect when working in our ICU. In addition, here's what we're doing to keep you safe:
  • Volunteers will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If any symptoms are present, we will follow the guidelines given by the health ministry.
  • Volunteers are required to bring at least 2 reusable masks.
  • Each person's temperature is taken when they arrive for work (staff and volunteer). If any symptoms appear, staff will be sent home and volunteers quarantined on site.
  • Volunteers and staff must report any symptoms that they have or those of housemates or social contacts.
  • At the current time we are allowing volunteers to leave campus on their days off but ask that you be vigilant with wearing masks, social distancing and taking proper precautions such as washing and disinfecting hands often. If the situation becomes worse in our area, we may ask that you remain on site for days off.
  • Rooms are cleaned and sheets changed once a week by our cleaning staff. We ask you to keep your room tidy throughout the week.
  • All items in the room (other than your personal belongings) will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Cleaning staff will not enter the room if volunteers are present.
Communal Areas
  • All of our shared spaces are outdoors or open air, meaning there are much lower chances of spreading germs.
  • We follow all measures suggested by the ministry of health and the ICT.
  • This document will continue to be changed and updated to abide by any new measures put in place.