There's plenty of adventure to be had during your downtime and weekends in and around Cabuya. Please note that our schedule changes weekly due to the ever changing tides. Depending on your particular schedule, some excursions may not be possible to schedule during the week. Regardless, here's a list of excursions we can arrange for you upon request when possible:


Montezuma Waterfall Hike

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Since La Escuela Del Sol is located so close to the spectacular Montezuma Falls, we can't pass up the opportunity to show off a little bit. We'll take every student on an easy hike to our favorite local watering hole for a rest and a quick dip. There you can swim or just sit and admire the magnificent 75 foot falls (the largest in the area). For the more daring, you may continue through some difficult terrain to the second and third falls where you can take the rope swing out for a twirl and maybe even do some cliff diving. It's a great time, guaranteed.


Zip-Line Canopy Tour (Weekends Unless Schedule Permits Otherwise)**

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Your zip-lining tour will send you soaring, high above the rainforest floor for one of the biggest adrenaline rushes Costa Rica has to offer. If you keep your eyes open, chances are you'll see monkeys, exotic birds and unmatched views of the Pacific Ocean. Professional, experienced instructors will guide you safely through the exhilarating course, containing 9 cables, 3 waterfalls and 2 and a half hours of high-flying fun.

Horseback Riding on Beach to El Chorro Waterfalls (Weekends Only)**

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Your horse will await you in downtown Montezuma where you'll begin your tour. Guides will take you along the beach and through the Nicolas Wessberg Nature Reserve. You'll ride past rivers, waterfalls and natural swimming pools formed on the beach before reaching the El Chorro Falls. There you will dismount and take some time to swim in a refreshing river, play on the beach and check out the falls in virtual privacy (aside from the curious monkeys, of course). The whole trip lasts 4 hours and includes water and a snack. No experience is necessary.


Rio Lajas River/Waterfall hike 

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Located just a mere 20 minute walk outside Cabuya's center, Rio Lajas provides hours of free entertainment.  The river is shallow but every now and then the rock bed opens up and forms a natural jacuzzi with cascades sending water into your swimming hole, perhaps over your shoulders for a nice massage.  There is a large swimming area close to the river mouth which is frequented by exotic birds, including the large, pink Roseate Spoonbill.  Hike up river for about an hour and head to the right when the river divides by equal tributaries and you will find a small waterfall with a large pool followed by the tallest waterfall in the region.  

During the dry season, this river can fill up with tad poles and other fun creatures but may not be suitable for swimming. But for hiking, always!

Isla Cabuya Cemetary Island 

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5 minutes from the school, you will see a mysterious island off the coast.  During low tide, you can walk there, but the onset of high tide may leave you stranded, so time it carefully!  

There are close to 50 head stones on the island.  Some were created by local artists and are extremely creative.  It's certianly worth a visit or two.  

Doña Nena's Marmelade and Bird Farm 

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Born and raised in Cabuya some 60 years ago, Doña Nena can tell a story or two!  She also makes fresh marmelades and coconut oils from locally grown and collected fruits (her Mango/Pineapple is my jam!).  

Nena also boasts a bird farm of ducks, pheasants and a few rare birds she keeps for company.  Be sure to take a walk around to see them all. 

Explore by Bike 

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We provide the use of 2 bicyles available to all of our students and volunteers. Biking to Montezuma will take about an hour, but there are so many beaches, rivers, waterfalls, tide pools and secrets to find along the way. We recommend a full day of biking and exploring to discover and enjoy a few gems you won't find in any guide book.


Hike through Cabo Blanco National Park – $8*

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In 1963, the nearby Cabo Blanco became the first National Park in Costa Rica. Today it boasts 1250 hectares of lush rainforest, dramatic coastline and countless species of animals and plants. Monkeys, Sloths, Toucans, Parrots and a slew of other exotic animals frolick through the forest and fly over head. Hike through the mountains, picnic by the river or stroll along the stunning beach and you'll see things your friends would never believe if you didn't have the proof on your camera

Isla Tortuga Snorkeling Tour - $55*

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This uninhabited island off the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula provides exquisite beauty and endless fun. You'll work on your suntan and enjoy the views from the deck of a speedboat on the way through the islands. Once you reach Tortuga, you'll disembark, grab your snorkel gear and head for the volcanic reef to hang in the crystal clear waters with some tropical fish. Afterwards, you can wade in the ocean or explore the island while your guides cook you up some fresh fish and local cuisine. But save some gas in the tank 'cause the ride back often turns into a dance party.

SCUBA Diving at Isla Tortuga - $100 for 1 Tank Dive/$140 for 2 Tank Dive*

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A speedboat will take you straight from Montezuma Beach to a prime dive spot near Isla Tortuga. Visibility ranges from 30 to 80 feet!! where you may spot angel fish, sea horses, octopus, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, dolphin, whale sharks and countless tropical fish. Trip includes lunch and drinks, full diving gear and professional, English speaking, dive master instructors.

Off Shore and Deep Sea Fishing – Prices Below

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Costa Rica is also the top fishing destination in all of Central America. Take a "3 hour tour" into the Pacific Ocean, cast your rod and start reeling in blue marlin, giant yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, red snapper, dorado and wahoo among others. Whatever you catch, bring on home and for a few more colones, a local chef will grill it up for a mouth watering, happy ending to a fantastic day.

Off Shore

  Sunrise - 6:30am - 9:30am - $250* total for boat (up to 4 people)

  Sunset - 4pm - 6:30pm - $250* total for boat (up to 4 people)

Off Shore

  8am - 2pm - $600* total for boat (up to 4 people)

  6am - 4:30pm - $800* total for boat (up to 4 people)

ATV Rental - $60* Half Day/$80* Full Day

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Take a ride on the wild side with a Honda 4 wheeler to discover some of the more secluded pristine beaches, waterfalls and pueblos in the area. One of the better forms of transportation on the mostly bump-laden (a.k.a. adventurous) dirt roads, you can take your quad all the way to Cabo Blanco or Mal Pais and Santa Teresa for some wildlife or an afternoon surf.


All prices are current as of Sept 15th, 2014 but are subject to change by discretion of activity provider and seasonality. Once you apply for an excursion we will contact you with the best price possible and available dates and lock it in for you upon your approval.

**Zipline and Horseback Riding excursions are guaranteed over weekends but only offered during the week if your schedule permits. Discounts or refunds will not be provided to those who choose to skip excursions