"Jeremy, I had a blast this past week and i just wanted to say thanks to you and Andrea for all your help along the way. It was an amazing week for me and I came away with exactly what i was hoping for and more. Thanks guys, Rick" Rick Weir Poi and Yoga January 2009
“The hotel was amazing, the views spectacular, yoga was fabulous, Sophie was very sweet, as well as all the girls and I had a great time. I would do it again. :)” Wendy Wills Spanish and Yoga June 2008
“We really enjoyed our time. Andrea is a natural teacher. She knew when to push, when to change course or approach from a different direction. Dagmar directed fantastic yoga sessions. Wagner was very patient and encouraging with the surfers.All of these instuctors including Luz (who I observed in the next classroom) are all quality instructors.” Mary Beth Church Spanish and Yoga December 2007 Tony Church Spanish and Surfing December 2007
“I had a great time! You guys were great, making our stay that much more memorable. I will definitely make it back at some point, it was hard leaving. I will continue practicing and maybe advance to” Meghan Bailey Spanish and Poi March, 2008
“I really enjoyed my experience at La Escuela del Sol and just wish that I could have stayed longer. Taking classes has never been so much fun. This was the perfect spring break - and a great experience to share with my future sister-in-law. I did surfing and poi and probably have never been in better shape in my life. I also got to practice my Spanish with the locals and other students, and do some salsa dancing over the weekend. And I did all of this with a great, diverse group of other students. The group was small but a lot of fun - people of all ages and from all over the world. If I had the chance, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Pura vida!” Jamie Kern Surfing and Poi March, 2008
“Hey Jeremy!! I just want to tell you that I had an amazing time at your school, and in Montezuma. I miss you and Andrea lots, and I want to go back to Montezuma so badly! Thanks for everything, honestly I've never been as happy as I was in Montezuma.” Kristina Woollard Spanish January, 2008
“I am so grateful for my time in montezuma- it was filling in many ways- but mostly for the opportunity to distance myself from all things familiar -where you have no choice but to grow. I look forward to returning, someday...” Jaime Lipka Surfing and Yoga November, 2007
“For Dennis and I, it was such a great experience to expand our horizons through Spanish, surfing, yoga, new culture and new connections. We had a wonderful time and definitely hope to go back some time, hopefully sooner than later. In fact, many days I wish I was still in Costa Rica.” Jessica Nagtalon Spanish and Yoga December, 2007 Dennis Nagtalon Surfing and Yoga December, 2007
"I had an amazing time! It was exactly what I needed and I wouldn't have done anything differently. It's a great concept and because of that it attracted an amazing group of people." Jamie Rosenberger Surfing and Yoga June, 2008
"Thanks again to both you and Andrea for all of your hard work in helping me improve my poi skills so much. I look forward to continuing to grow my skills and hope to someday return for the next level. You've come up with a great idea in offering so much variety in one school and I fell in love with Montezuma. All of the instructors really were fantastic and I so appreciated that everyone went out of their way to be helpful." Heather Hickman Poi, Surfing and Yoga December 2008
"It was wonderful visiting your school last month and participating in both your class and Nick's workshop. The setting of the course couldn't be more beautiful in Montezuma and the enthusiasm and skill of teachers and students was precious for me coming from Ottawa, where there aren't very many so dedicated spinners and I am always the one to teach. The yoga classes were very nice as well. I am also especially grateful about how Gabby (9 year old daughter) was greeted at your school and welcome to hang around all these activities, even the yoga. I know she had a great time too." Sophie Latreille Poi and Yoga December 2008
"I was beyond impressed with La Escuela Del Sol. I have already told so many of my friends that if they want to taste paradise, do it right and go though you guys. Costa Rica was only the second time in my life that I've been out of the county-- and in 26 years the ONLY vacation I took myself-- and it absolutely changed my life. I am so grateful for all that you did and for the experience you helped provide. Now that I'm back in cold, overcast Chicago, I can't help but long for Montezuma! P.S.-- I caught your poi performance Friday night and was blown away!! Bravo! Thank you again for a wonderful time, a life changing experience, and for all your generosity. I will never forget any of it!" Dana DeLorenzo Yoga March 2009
"My thoughts on the program- I loved it! I can't quit talking about my week in Costa Rica: learning to surf and improving my Spanish, the great teachers,new places, and interesting people. Wagner and Rebeca are excellent teachers, and the small class sizes were great. I love the town of Montezuma- there couldn't be a better setting for the school. There was a good community feeling with the other students at the school, too. Your assistance and support in arranging the zipline, transfer packs, and crab issues was super helpful! I would not have taken this trip to Costa Rica without you and the school. I had an amazing time and would have loved to stay a lot longer!" Alyssa W. Spanish and Surfing March 2008
“I had the most amazing time in Costa Rica and at del sol. All the girls I met were incredible, I loved Montezuma and I can't wait to come back. I especially loved the surfing program, Mauricio and Guillermo were wonderful.” Kumara Kelley Spanish and Surfing June 2008
"La Escuela Del Sol was one of the most memorable and fantastic experiences in my life. Having finished my first year at UCLA, I decided to study abroad over the summer to continue my study of Spanish. I stumbled upon La Escuela Del Sol and was absolutely glad I did. I ended up signing up for the Spanish/Surfing lessons; by the end of the program I found myself speaking Spanish with ease and riding waves all by myself (I never touched a surfboard before I got to Montezuma!). The adventurous spirit I developed there has continued to stay with me; I fostered a new sense of independence while there, traveling the country by myself during an extended weekend and seeing volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls and much more. The Spanish teachers are kind and friendly, and the program director Jeremy was one of the most helpful people I've encountered. He helped facilitate my receiving credit at UCLA and helped with accommodations at Montezuma. Having surfed for three weeks straight, I ended up getting an ear infection sufficiently termed as "surfer's ear." I could count on Jeremy to take me to the closest clinic for care. This is the type of kindness I received from all the great teachers and people I met through La Escuela Del Sol. My adventures-well... I'd say canopy touring, horseback riding to private waterfalls, rope swinging at waterfalls, hiking a volcano, walking on hanging bridges, seeing the amazing wild life, ATVing by the beach and through the rain forest, boating to a tropical "paradise-like" island, snorkeling, surfing everyday, and traveling via bus, taxi, ferry, taxi, bus, and taxi again to end up in La Fortuna where I spelunked a cave, rappelled a waterfall, saw an amazing waterfall, and spent time in one of the greatest hot spring resorts in the world ... well I'd say all of that was priceless... and I have the pictures to prove it! La Escuela Del Sol was an amazing experience for me, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to learn Spanish and have some great adventures in one of the most beautiful countries of the world." Philip DeSouza Spanish and Surfing June 2007
“I really enjoyed my experience in Montezuma. The people were all so wonderful - students and teachers alike! I think that it takes a certain kind of person to step out of their comfort zone and try a new experience like that, and it makes for a really good group of students in the school. The Spanish classes were perfect for what I was looking for - mostly conversation, with any grammar we wanted to learn. Luz was a wonderful teacher and a phenomenal person - I really enjoyed the time that I spent with her. Guillermo and Mauricio were fun and helpful. Dagmar was spectacular - by far the best yoga class I have ever taken.” Ashley Winter Spanish, Surfing and Yoga June 2008
LEDS was all that and THEN some! Although I was leery about travelling to such a foreign place alone, your well-organized staff worked with me prior to my travel, to ensure a safe departure to and from your school.  From ensuring that I had a place to stay upon my arrival to Costa Rica (and prior to my arrival to Montezuma), to helping to coordinate my travel arrangements at the conclusion of my program, your staff made it quite a painless experience.  Even when i thought i might have to rearrange my travel plans due to inclimate weather, your staff was right there, ready to help. Your school creates a wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie among its students.  By the time I was ready to leave, I felt as though I'd enjoyed a wonderful girls' getaway, meeting amazing women, and making wonderful friendships. Although your school offers 5 classes, the experience goes well beyond the classes you teach! The beautiful and friendly people; gorgeous location; and opportunities for "adventure" (zip lining; waterfall hiking; diving; etc) left me feeling empowered. The price is AMAZING! Such an affordable price makes it evident that the program is about the student.  Your program seems to make a strong attempt to provide an affordable opportunity for as many people as possible. I'm so glad I caught sight of your ad, and BEYOND glad I decided to take a chance on your program.  You have created an experience that will last a lifetime, and this is something I would DEFINITELY try again in the future! Pura Vida Mae!!! :-D" Sandy SandersSurf and YogaJuly 2010
"What an experience! I have just come back from 3 weeks in paradise! The best holiday I have ever had.  I surfed my little heart out on the surf safari (and admittedly was spoiled with excellent conditions for the duration of my stay) and met so many wonderful people.  Montezuma is tiny but happening wee town, with plenty of color, characters and things to see, do, eat (great restaurants) and buy, as well as simply relax in a humid paradise!  A great setting for La Escuela del Sol.  A big thanks to all LEDS, I am so definitely coming back!!!  I think next time I will have to take up POI too... that really looked awesome!" Sophia PlateSurf SafariJuly 2010
"My time at LEDS was one of the best experiences of my life. I fell in love with LEDS, Montezuma, Costa Rica and most of all, surfing. I was so sad when I had to leave, and I miss hearing the ocean waves. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat....and, I plan on it. :)" Kristin Tamayo Surf, Yoga July 2011