Yoga is a popular recreation that is fast becoming a part of daily life for many individuals. This is partly because yoga has a tremendous ability to assist us in relieving much of the stress experienced in living through the chaos and demands of our daily grind. It's a way to stop for a while and spend time pondering dreams and aspirations while forgetting about all the negative aspects of our day. Another great thing about yoga, is that it can be completed from any location; whether it's a hotel room, small office, living room, or studio. It's also true that increased yoga skills will lead to further enlightenment and understanding when sifting through the constant load of stressors that affect us every day.

So, why should you choose a Costa Rica Yoga vacation? Well, because it's time to learn this recreational activity if you haven't already tried. And what better way to fall in love with Costa Rica Yoga then in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica on the secluded Playa Grande beach.

You will begin your journey from a private beach surrounded by only nature and a very intimate class size. This smaller class size will enable your Costa Rica Yoga instructors to provide more one-to-one time working with you on positioning, breathing, and relaxing. The natural setting alone is very effective in helping an individual to relax. Pair this with a guided yoga session for the ultimate in finding inner peace.

Lucky participants in Costa Rica Yoga may spot a few white faced monkeys playing along the jungle or colorful and large tropical birds sitting high amongst the trees. Or in your spare time, you can dig your bare toes into the soft white sands while saluting the sun and beauty of this recreational sport.

A visit to La Escuela Del Sol's immersive Costa Rica Yoga resort will not be forgotten quickly. Guests will leave vacation feeling relaxed and inspired to accomplish their life's goals and dreams. Future moments of stress may disappear as participants merely close their eyes to remember the peace of Costa Rica yoga sessions privately completed among the clean and secluded beaches. This is a vacation with purpose for greater fulfillment in life and improved coping of future conflicts. You will make friends and learn great skills in yoga and relaxation for a lifetime of benefits while on vacation.