This upcoming Feb 2 - 15, 2014, world renowned poi instructor and fire performer, Zan Moore of the Instruments Of The Now, will return will return to host a special poi & staff workshop in association with La Escuela Del Sol! Students may choose poi or staff or they may combine both tools. 

This workshop will include 6 or 13 nights of accommodation at a beautiful resort in Montezuma.

Zan Moore, your instructor, is the creator and teacher of "The Encyclo-Poi-dia" DVDs, and has the most watched Poi video on the internet (995,000 views and counting!). He has taught workshops throughout the United States and beyond to poi players of all levels. His performances have taken him to 20 countries so far. Zan is a pure performance artist, fire dancer, musician, magician and all around great spirit who will teach you more than we can write about.

You can find many of Zan's poi spinning videos on youtube, but here is a quick sample of the goods:


The poi/ staff retreat will include 6 or 13 nights of accommodation at a private resort. You may choose to stay one week or take the full workshop for 2 weeks in which you will continue to improve and progress from the first week's concepts. Each week will consist of a 90 minute poi workshop + 90 minute staff workshop every morning, M-F.  When class reconvenes in the afternoon, there will be self-directed play-time and 1-on-1 help with techniques.

Classes will be held on a hilltop overlooking Montezuma with an inspirational ocean view.

This will be best for those who can play freely with the basics already. If you don't know all the basics, don't worry, you can follow along with Play Poi's beginner series, and prepare yourself ahead of time!

Zan will be assisted by co-teacher Forest Schrodt, an excellent and experienced spinner and dancer. 

Forest Fire Picture

Forest Schrodt is a renaissance man, inspired by the wonder and mystery of life.  A super freak, galactic healer with a pilot seat on the mother ship.  He founded Liquid Fire Mantra fire dance, theatre, company in 1997 and later Liquid Fire Mantra visionary jewelry company.  Forest is also the founder of Omqar Yoga, a holistic ritualized wellness practice applying the sacred geometry of the body for optimum wellbeing.

With over 15 years of performance experience, Forest is one of the first people to bring Fire Dancing into the west coast United States.  Some of Forest's movement and dance background include Fire Dancing, Modern Dance, Balinese Leigong temple dance, Belly dance, Brazilian Copeira, Kung Fu, Mask Dancing and diverse characters.  Forest has over 40 elaborate hand made masks carved of wood and hand painted into visionalry art that can be embodied with costumes.

Accommodations for this workshop will not be in the standard LEDS accommodations, but on a compound that includes several houses and apartments with pool, jacuzzi, wireless internet access and BBQ. All participants will be required to share a room with a maximum of 2 people per room (we'll place you with someone of the same sex, if need be), A/C, full kitchen and ocean view. If requested, we can place you in a room with a friend or in a house with several friends (up to 4).


Poi students will learn stalls, wraps, bounces, flowers, antispin, pirouettes, meltdowns, pendulums, one-point-fives, ellipses, triquetras, polyrhythms, CAPs (continuous assembly patterns), inversions, inswings, isolations, tangles, 5-beat-weaves, hybrids, goofy flowers, floaters and cateyes.

Staff students will learn figure-eights, spinning patterns, movement combinations, behind-the-back work, throw & catch combinations, contact staff movements, anti-spins, and much more.  Bring lots of room in your memory as well as a notebook.


Strong and detailed focus on movement and dance with poi and staff. How to do it, how to practice it, how to explore your own creative flow. With poi, changing your poi length as you spin to access different tricks and movement styles.

Spinning freely all around your body: Under-the-legs, behind-the-back, and within the frames your arms can create.

Practice techniques: steps to teaching yourself any move, and how to structure a practice session for maximum benefit.

Partner Play! Partner weaves, sharing space, and sharing patterns. NWe'll learn how to move, dance, and play together while making beautiful patterns.


The 'Challenging, Easy, Effortless' framework, and how to progress through it.

Plane changing, plane bending, advanced plane control.

Placing petals, making mandalas, and designing your own flowers.

Poi & Staff Performance: A distillation of hundreds of shows that focuses on key points like posture, presentation, audience connection, participation, eye contact, applause points, and more.


Banyan is not just another yoga teacher. He is THE yoga teacher of the fire and flow community, and a world class fire performer, and he understands how to teach and inspire poi artists. We're tickled all kinds of LED colors that he is willing to travel all the way to Costa Rica for this retreat. Yoga classes will be from 5-6:30 each day. These classes will help you understand and develop the strength and conditioning that will help keep you injury free and feeling good. Yoga is included for all.




8:00-9:30 am: Poi Class
9:30-11 am: Staff Class
11:00 - 4:00 pm: Free time
3:00 pm: Transportation back to compound
4:00-5:30 pm: Yoga
5:30-6:30 pm: Self-directed practice time with 1-on-1 attention.  Fire-spinning when the group wants to.

Program Fee:

1 week - 6 nights of accommodation
Poi OR Staff - $855 per person
Poi AND Staff - Add $150
Curu Park excursion
Friday night burn in Montezuma

2 weeks - 13 nights accommodation
Poi OR Staff - $1,760 per person
Poi AND Staff - add $150 per week
Isla Tortuga Tour
Additional burn in town

Special note:

This poi workshop will not be compatible with Spanish, surfing, or Scuba classes at LEDS. For those who would like to combine poi with Spanish, surfing, or Scuba, regular poi classes from La Escuela Del Sol will continue to be taught apart from the workshop. Longer stays may also be accommodated for students who would like to take the workshop and continue with LEDS classes either before or after the workshop. Please contact us for further info regarding your personal situation.

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